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alby_mangroves: by sandy79 (Loki)

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This journal contains content only suitable for those over the age of 18.

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Created on 2012-11-02 09:38:10 (#1798983), last updated 2019-04-14 (6 days ago)

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Birthdate:Sep 21
This journal contains mostly fanart and occasionally fanfiction.

A very small number of personal entries are friend-locked, but they're few and far between, this being a fandom journal.

Feel free to subscribe or unsubscribe, add to circles or remove at will, no need to ask. Because there are a very small number of locked personal entries, you're not going to miss anything by not being Granted Access, so please don't stress if I don't do this. I won't request access if we don't know each other - mostly I will subscribe to journals and catch up on my Reading Page as often as I can.

Transformative Works Policy

Blanket permission for transformative works (podfics, remixes, translations, etc.) based on my fics and fanart,
as long as credit is given, you link back, and you are not receiving compensation or giving away the license to original concepts.

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